Haysus Man, 25y
25 years old, Man 36

I like big tits, small tits, big asses, small asses, slim girls, big girls. Young or mature. Any race of woman can get it, I love you all, though I seem to like Latin women the most. My biggest attractions are a deep throat and a nice, puffy/meaty pussy ( which seems to be prevalent in skinny women and/or Latin women ;) ).

I'm about 8 inches and thick, and I curve to my left (your right). I've had 3 girlfriends/sex partners, 2 were virgins and were scared of sex but they gave me a lot of oral sex and the girlfriend I could fuck was pretty boring in bed.

I have recently developed a craving for cougars/MILFs, I want them to use all that experience on me and I want to take the challenge to satisfy them.

I am in New Jersey, looking to hook up with women and couples who want to share wifey ;)

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