Transsexual, 33y from Kansas city
33 years old, Transsexual 5.2k

Hello- I am a cum whore I like to fuck bareback and love it when my lil boi pussi is used as a cum dumpster breed me, gang me, share me or pimp me my holes are for the pleasure of hard meaty cocks and to please and please only.
I am interested in being a Slut / Slave:
- collared slut
- allowing access to my mouth and ass to anyone who my masters demand
- servicing any number of man or woman
- verbal degradation and humiliation
- used as sex slave at parties
- whored out in parking lots and sex-shops as master wished

 allowing my mouth and ass to be used to deposit cum
- swallowing all the cum I am offered
- sucking and licking clean the cum from any pussy or ass.
please feel free to message me- comment or what ever I travel often you never know if I am in your area-
Pretty much any video I have "liked" or favorite is a dream of mine-
if you are nearby message cum dot hole dot 34 i have been visiting charolotte alot lately and wow are their some huge cocks there-

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