Angie Glampanties #84
Woman, Porn actress, 35y from London
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Hi, I'm Angie, one of the most established used panty sellers on the Internet.
Let me start with some basic numbers you may like: I am 5’8″ (172cm), although you can see me in glamorous high heels for most of the time, so add about 0’4″ (10cm) to that!
I am 125 lbs (59kg) with the figure 36 (92cm) – 27 (69cm) – 36 (92cm). I wear 29 (75cm) D. My legs are 42 inches long (106cm), which you must agree are pretty long legs! My shoes are size 5 and clothes 8 or 10.
All right, that was lots of numbers. Are you still with me? I hope so!
Other than being an amateur porn actress, I have three part time jobs: a teacher, a go-go dancer and panty seller. This is why I try not to show my face on my public profile.
Would you like to join my classes? LOL I know you would! But don’t get any naughty ideas, because at work I am always professional.
I am also a professional go-go dancer in one of the exclusive and glamorous UK clubs (I am not British though). This means I wear lots of sexy used panties and other lingerie – I change a few times a night!
I used to take pole dancing lessons and have been teaching other girls for a few years now. Do I like my job? I absolutely love it! I have a few girlfriends who turn me on, so when we perform show together, I sometimes honestly wet my underwear a little bit.
I also get lots of sexual satisfaction from selling my used underwear, including thongs and other panties, my used lingerie, clothing, shoes, socks, pantyhose and stockings. Check out my website for details!
That’s pretty much it about me. I could also add that I love my cat (ragdoll), I enjoy relaxing baths, like spending time in my garden, I sometimes do erotic photo shoots, I like cookies&cream ice cream, and I am a very friendly and open-minded person.
Lots of kisses

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