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Gay man: 37y (USA) 1.1k visits

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Klk ? Chico latino pasivo viviendo en New York en busca de chicos activos preferiblemente latinos .para intercambiar fotos y videos por medio de whatsapp.


Man: 39y (USA) 1.6k visits

6 videos

Bigbootyhoe...I am 26 years of age who practices dressing as a female and becomes very passable. I am 5ft 3in and weigh 145 lbs. I am fully shaven and definitely my best attribute is my big booty and thick thighs and legs. I am very creative when it comes to applying make up and fashions. I reside currently in Denver, Co. I am up for anything so if you are near and interested lemme know and I will respond to you. Ciao'


Man: 28y (USA) 26.7k visits

10 videos - 408 favs - 4 photos

If you are interested in seeing my full videos/buying them, drop me an email at muzzbttm@aol.com and I will add you to the private list. Thanks for the support everyone! Muslim bottom who loves anon fuck and go. Always looking for tops to be in my videos. If you're in NYC or ever in the city and want to have some fun (with or without the camera being on) hit me up. Always looking to play with new tops. But it would have to be anon :) I love sex &I love cock. I love anon scenes &I love watching guys use me. I'm also a PhD student &am trying to pay off student debts before I graduate. I hope you enjoy my content & thank you in advance :) Feel free to KIK me MuzzBttm


Man: 29y (USA) 1.4k visits

Looking for a cute shaved bod? To jerkoff, watch and or jerk off with. then lmk. But tbh i like older males and females to watch me showoff and enjoy jerking or watching with me. I I love an audaciance to watch me naked or even join me and share, :)


Gay man: 32y (USA) 2k visits


Man: 41y (USA) 3.9k visits

1 video

I love to be naked AND have my body xploreme3xtra. I also like to xploreYOU3xtra . Inside or outside.

Arlington Texas

Man: 33y (USA) 4.2k visits

9 videos

Need a suck buddy


Man: 50y (USA) 35.5k visits

95 favs

Woke up this morning horny as hell,wanting a daddy to service Still single and looking. Currently in Panama City Fl. Any daddys close.


Man: 56y (USA) 28.8k visits

19 videos - 58 favs - 32 photos

My album cover summarizes my obsession. Straight mwm for twenty yrs and ended up with a big cock fetish because I saw my wife getting cock like I’d never be able to give her. I became absolutely addicted to my wife getting her big dick fix. I spied and instantly knew I was bested. Why I got off so much to her cheating idk but seeing her and more importantly hearing her main groan grunt and wailing was mind blowing. I knew then I wasn’t going to give her my 7” I’d think of her being impaled and him making her take it , her squirming trying to get away, then pulling him into her. And again the noises were the most powerful. They make me cum like a cuck in no time. I couldn’t control myself and came so quickly I was embarrassed even when I was alone lol. She just never sounded so loud or orgasmic, she chibbered, like she was freezing. Now that’s going all the way from head to toe cumming. That’s why I am hunting for her experience with a man. He got her ass first time. She gave it up to him!! I’ll always see it when it popped in...She Always dictated the sex, always Sometimes I'd get a pat on the shoulder after spending sixty minutes trying to get her off, I really had to work. And afterwards she'd crack, don't cum a couple minutes after you get hard ..but its ok daddy then a snicker as she tapped my cock.. It is a fucking weiner , a quick draw. I spent more time in the book stores, just about every day comparing my cock and wanting to hold something bigger, always. Big dicks mesmerizied me, my wife getting so passionate when she was railed deeply. I was enthralled to touch one. One day the big dick guy I'd fantasized about came in my booth. I was stroking and he told me to put it up and showed me what a big cock felt like, I was smitten and hooked. I would soon feel a real man deep inside me. She was going out with and without me. Had a hot wife and didn't know it until late. Every sign was there in retrospect but I didn't snap to it. I always came in a few minutes, stupidly I would picture her cumming hard on a big cock and that's all it took, dammit! She would ask me if i wanted fuck that pussy a few minutes after me trying to hide that i came. Id finger and go down on her for the next half hour, hoping my cock would get hard again. My wife taunted me by going out the door Friday nights and saying it's girls night out or some other BS. With a wink she was out the door. She dressed better, smelled better and always always came home feeling better..i so badly wanted to watch her. I Was obsessed and could cum like a light switch thinking of her getting drilled deep. Was he cumming inside her? I was sure he was. I became a pussy in a sense, i had the opportunity to do the same, she said go for it you'll have fun. I tried but found myself in a booth jacking to cock. . I wanted to get fucked like she was. Fuck she became the 5th grade hotwife social studies teacher who loved big dick and could take it to. Where was she ten years ago?? When I asked too many questions she would say everything is fine, you have nothing to worry about I still love you ..this pang I felt was like cumming very hard a spasm-like ache that told me she was getting the cock she wanted and i was free to do the same. I knew I would cum too fast if I tried to fuck her, it would then reinforce i didn’t compare. Her friend jeanine knew the situation and i was embarrassed to be around her. I suspect she told others, it was irritating and worrisome too but it is just too easy for me to lose it. . Cuck, I knew the feeling of that now. She found my obsession, what i jack off so hard to, and also what else im infatuated with. A beautiful cock nice and smooth with big veins displaying power. I began to want that more than her. All of this was on the CPU I heard her gasp then say what the hell? My fantasy pics weren't secret, nothing was. She sat there slack jawed while I could only watch her looking at pic after pic of my huge toy(shane diesel casting) pic of me comparing my cock to that massive manhood. My hand truly won't go around all the way. She knew I was average and had a complex about it. Totally fucking shocked but ready to cum at the same time. He had to be 8" around at least. I came helplessly in 30 seconds. Sharing didn't do anything for her, so she didn't bother. She had mentioned a while back in a stern angry tone that would never happen-ever. We were both aware of her hotwife status now. It struck fear in me because how do u compete with that much girth? You don't. The guy is a stud and ive followed him a few times to. Finally one evening I got lucky. We were at jeanine's for a party and i had to work that night. Who the fuck shows up acting like a total stranger!! FM I felt like a pussy magnified. She played the game well. Fuck this I skipped work and feined leaving. Take a guess where they slipped off to..our house. I was officially ruined seeing her get submitted, her pussy made so much noise it and she fucking almost cried after she came. The deep kissing was disturbing too. I wanted to experience what she did. That became my obsession and #1 goal going to run into him ...i saw this dude scoot into a bookstore i go to. Im so going to hook up with him. I want to smell her pussy on his cock. Ive seen him put it on my wife like nobody's business.....I got that dick, all of it! He stopped seeing the wife and this guy is all over me to be he point where I'm going to get caught dammit. She tried her once a month fuck and I couldn't get it up for her having been dicked down past submission just hours before, shit it was almost funny, my dick wasn't going anywhere and she wasn't happy. I can see why she was drawn to him though. He says all the right things and has a cock that really is beautiful. I'm infatuated that he wants to be deep in my ass all of the time, it's unlike anything I'd ever felt. I wonder if she plans to find another? She would never ever be cool with me knowing or watching. She made it clear , don’t ask! I’ll tell you what I want and when. If you be a bitch about it I’ll cut you off of little bit you get now. I really want to feel a big dick I’m in Houston. Please get in touch and I will be sure that you can take me like a true stud. I’m like 3” soft and get to 7”. Grower not a shower


Man: 60y (USA) 41k visits

1,507 favs - 10 photos

Updated my pic. The one that's been on there for years isn't me, but the fucker looked very happy!



Man: 24y (USA)

4 videos



Man: 22y (Spain)

3 videos

Barcelona para el mundo, el placer para mí lo es una gran pieza a compartir.



Man: 31y (USA)

3 videos


Bunda Delicata

Gay man: 26y (Brazil)

3 videos - 1 photo

BI SEXUAL - Baixinha, malhada, 65 kg e tenho 1.60 m de altura. Gosto de um anal bem gostoso. Adoro uma aventura.



Man: 47y (USA)

8 videos - 1 photo

Would like to try sucking dick and taking it in the ass for first time with wright person


Ribeiro Safado

Man: 32y (Brazil)

2 videos - 12 favs - 14 photos

Sou GP, morador de bauru interior de São Paulo



Man: 30y (Nigeria)

2 videos


Raphael Holmes

Man: 30y (Brazil)

2 videos - 319 favs - 13 photos

Eu voltei,ainda melhor.



Man: 30y (Malaysia)

4 videos

Deep throat boy



Man: 25y (Brazil) 1.4k visits

8 videos - 12 photos

Em um mundo onde alguns acham que são Deuses e outros acreditam ser monstros Eu decidi ser um anjo. Me segue No Twitter: 6hazze91 No cam4: 6haze9 Me add No D4swing: 6hazze9 No Skype: 6hazze9@gmail.com Agora... qual é o seu desejo??? ?‍♂️



Man: 18y (Brazil)

3 videos




Man: 21y (Brazil)

3 videos - 8 photos


Anshul Manohar

Man: 25y (India)

7 videos

I am a 25 year old Indian man from Tamil Nadu.I just like to masturbate for you guys and this makes me happy and gives my life meaning.Enjoy ?


Sex Cams1

Man: 23y (USA)

4 videos

Add mee!!


Mario Aquele

Man: 39y (Brazil)

3 videos



Gay man: 20y (Brazil) 1.2k visits

5 videos - 7 photos

Insta :@robertstuartt Sagitariano Safado Whats 51 9 86532657



Man: 49y (Portugal)

3 videos

Gay, lgbt, procuro um homem para satisfazer meus desejos <3



Man: 42y (Russia) 18.4k visits

8 videos - 13 favs

Fisting lover Handsfree cumshot master Looking for friends


Omar Almeida

Man: 28y (Ecuador)

4 videos - 4 photos

Single busco amistades en general mente abierta me gusta conocer parejas y personas de todo el mundo para poder interactuar poder entablar conversación Hot vídeo llamadas dispuesto a todo suscríbete y contáctame WhatsApp



Man: 38y (Nigeria) 2.1k visits

4 videos

Nigeria No.1 adult movie studio ( bangweather), we produce unique and best erotic porn of its kind, we are the original content owners of any material which is been posted or would be posted subsequently on this channel, subscribe to this channel for more is yet to come.


Man: 67y (Czech Republic) 3.1k visits

5 videos - 20 photos

Jsem z Prahy 1 a hledam pouze mlade kluky na sex


Man: 21y (USA) 2.1k visits

1 video - 12 photos

Sugar baby


Man: 27y (Brazil) 13.2k visits

9 videos - 237 favs - 10 photos

TODAS FOTOS E VÍDEOS REAIS. Curioso para experiências novas com homens e trans. Não dispenso uma bucetinha, muito menos um cuzinho, mas quero saber com é ser passivo, dar e chupar um pau. De preferência Zona Sul de SP. Interlagos, Santo Amaro, Capela do Socorro, Cidade Dutra, Grajaú e regiões.. Se for mais longe, a gente pode até dar um jeito rs’ TUDO NO SIGÍLO ABSOLUTO, evito passar meu WhatsApp e espero que compreendam. Me chamem no privado ok?


Man: 35y (Australia) 8.8k visits

165 favs - 4 photos


Man: 34y (Brazil) 45.9k visits

4 videos - 447 favs - 11 photos


Man: 46y (USA)

1 photo

I love to eat pussy and lick a sexy asshole

Daniel Escudero

Man: 19y (Mexico) 5.1k visits

15 favs

Soy buena onda, nada mamón. Me encanta conocer gente nueva y salir de vez en cuando, me encanta que me cojan. WhatsApp: 5538600212 Fb: Daniel Escudero https://www.facebook.com/octaviodaniel.escuderoflores.5?ref=bookmarks


Man: 48y (USA)

16 favs

Hello just your typical gay man in Palm Springs looking for aggressive top , like to open My hole ? In Palm Springs let me know.....


Man: 46y (USA) 14.5k visits

20 videos - 63 favs - 1,258 photos

I like women crossdressers trannys young shemales teen boys twinks I'm up for anything love panties love young boys uncut dick sexy as fuck


Man: 29y (USA) 3.4k visits

9 videos

Kik: joelui1 call or txt 424 2831700 phone sex or meet. early starter.


Gay man: 25y (Brazil) 23.7k visits

4 videos - 73 favs - 78 photos

Olá, me chamo Breno, tenho 24 anos e moro em São Caetano do Sul. Criei o perfil pra favoritar uns vídeos mas acabei gostando de postar algumas coisas e conversar hehe. Sou versátil, mas prefiro ser passivo, não tenho nenhum fetiche (posso tentar fazer algo a mais se a proposta for boa). Morro de vontade de gravar com alguém e postar aqui. Sou e curto afeminado sim. Não tem nada mais brochante que um babaca machista. Se quiser me conhecer melhor ou marcar um dia para transar... digo, nos conhecermos, é só chamar. snap: brenobbonato skype: brenobbonato whatsapp: pede no chat ;)


Man: 20y (USA) 2.3k visits

10 videos - 7 photos

Just a curious innocent white boy in need of a trainer. HMU for any video ideas or if you want to meet up. Add me on snap gaybubblebutt11. Message me when you do so I kno to add you.


Man: 36y (USA) 6.7k visits

Just another diaper lover


Gay man: 28y (Mexico) 8k visits


Gay man: 30y (USA) 6.4k visits


Gay man: 41y (Canada) 3.2k visits

74 favs

bareback, raw, PnP, poz, single, hookup, ? Only white Caucasian men turns me on.


Gay man: 29y (Argentina)

4 videos - 4 photos

Masculino Argentino de 29 años, con culo tragón. Me encanta trabajarme el culo / Masc 29 yrs old, I love wrecked my hole! pushing my limits.


Man: 53y (USA) 3k visits

3 videos - 30 favs


Man: 23y (USA) 2.6k visits

31 videos - 2 favs - 22 photos

Twitter: Jason88796751...........I would love to make a video with someone so if your interested hit me up so we can chill and then get straight to fucking I like big dick so if you have one hit me up


Gay man: 23y (Brazil) 2.6k visits

14 photos

Sou versátil ativo, a procura de diversão amigos conversas e quem sabe relacionamento, pode chamar e falar


Man: 34y (USA) 2.1k visits

7 photos

Married sexy couple that loves to have fun and enjoy activities in and out of the bed room!!


Gay man: 33y (USA) 1.6k visits

435 favs - 4 photos


Man: 54y (USA) 8k visits

1 video - 52 favs - 42 photos

I'm a Slutty Porn Pig and Talented, Hungry Verbal/Bossy Bottom, Kinks, Fetishes, and Experimentation are what I like. Only into Masculine Men with no hang-ups or Fear of taking charge.


Gay man: (Peru) 5.1k visits

11 videos - 67 favs

Alex, 39 años, del Cercado de Lima.


Gay man: 27y (USA) 19.7k visits

16 favs - 79 photos

Just looking for new friends


Man: 46y (USA) 1.2k visits

Oral bottom, looking for tops in the Kingman/Bullhead city, Az / Laughlin Nev area. can't host


Man: 76y (United Kingdom)

Older chubby man looking for friendspto chat or C2C with. Cannot accomodate as marrried with wife who is not into this. Like to warch others having fun and like young or old.


Gay man: 32y (Australia) 6.5k visits

17 videos - 8 favs

love to fuck and be fucked.i have hot ass to play with. Would you like some??Theres lots more if youd like to ask me...xxx


Man: 43y (USA) 2.5k visits

Am looking for sex stories, my star, really young, like to share with you


Man: 53y (Spain) 26k visits

2 videos - 342 favs - 4 photos

top only guy...loooove eating man ass and fucking . Throwing ass in my face gets my attention..


Man: 50y (USA)

1 fav

Male or female, love the best of both worlds. Enjoy having awesome sex.


Man: 29y (USA) 6k visits

11 videos - 52 favs - 39 photos

Bicurious, discreet guy who is currently exploring my sexuality, Transsexuals and Crossdressers really turn me on and i love toy play. wishing i had a partner to help me play anyone wanna chat?? hmu on Kik : Christoptimus0129


Gay man: 68y (United Kingdom) 3k visits

2 videos - 2 photos

I am a 66y old gentleman,who also has a kinky side as well as good fun. I play bowl, badminton, bridge, and Tabletennis


Man: 57y (Germany) 3.1k visits

2 videos - 21 favs

Leben und leben lassen


Man: 24y (Brazil) 5.5k visits

989 favs

Moreno gosto de muita sacanagem ,com homens e mulheres curto tudo, sou doido pra fazer surubas,doido pra usar calcinha e comer 2 mulheres, adoro sexo oral ,adoro mão amiga,doido pra fazer sexo com casais ,sexo seguro sempre . Interessados(as) deixa uma msgn pra trocarmos whatsapp. Sou da ZO Bangu, santíssimo, campo grande e adjacências. Não sou afeminado. NÃO TENHO LOCAL . WHATSAPP :21 97676-5784


Gay man: 46y (Czech Republic)


Man: 48y (Australia) 3k visits

Any one in hobart lets meet and fuck If can't meet keen for cam


Man: 71y (USA)

9 favs

I identify as a slave. This is my identity, not a role being acted on a stage. I (it) is a sexual object, a personal servant as well as a functioning toilet. it is gay and has very few sexual boundaries. it is a fuck-hole, a fist-hole, a masochist pain-pig, exhibitionist, bondage-pig, and a full-service toilet. it needs to be used for your pleasure. it becomes exhilarated when given the opportunity to serve another man in whatever ways that man wants. slave is happiest and gives the most pleasure to men when it is restrained, or is in bondage...from light to inescapable, or when it is tethered by chain and locks to stationary objects such as the attachment points mounted throughout its home. it should always be under your total physical and mental control. This slave firmly believes in the following statements: "The true essence of Domination is complete control and The true essence of submission is unconditional surrender." it has permanently surrendered to MASTER Drifter and it is his personal property. He allows his property to be temporarily shared with other MASTERs/SIRs/Tops. slave will gladly and unconditionally surrender its body, mind and soul when a MASTER, a SIR or a Top demands it. He not only allows but has ordered his slave to serve and be used. slave is an expert in many sexual fetish activities - mostly as a bottom but some as a top. it never confuses its identity as a slave with the sexual positions of top or bottom. A slave can be an expert fisting top but still retain its identity as a slave in submission.


Man: 54y (Australia) 2k visits

4 videos - 39 photos

Great guy wicked soh likes fishing camping dancing eating out fantastic kisser great cook listing to all sorts of music fabulous kisser great cunt n arse liker I am not gay as the profile says but I do love to suck cocks


Gay man: 33y (USA) 2.3k visits

2 videos - 610 favs - 26 photos

Hi everyone! I'm just a happy, horney, young gay man. I usually come on here to express (and release) my sexual tension. Will talk to most anyone with the same interest.


Gay man: 42y (USA)


Man: 38y (United Kingdom)

3 photos

Hey Pigs ,Lebanese Vers Pig Beast in central london ,would love to meet like minded blokes,Pigs ,for hot sleazy sessions .into most thngs and willing to try new games with few limits.


Man: 48y (USA)


Man: 36y (USA) 1.4k visits

Asian chubby bttm from the South. Lived in Oregon, California, and Louisiana. Kept myself very clean (clean of disease, clean of HIV/STD/AIDS, clean in the butt, and clean of most hair that makes the chubby butt bubbly). I consider myself Bisexual: kissing; caressing; being in close contact; rimmed and rimming; giving and receiving BJ and HJ; get and give Spankings by hand, by whip, by paddling.


Man: 36y (USA)


Man: 25y (Brazil) 5.6k visits

8 videos - 10 favs - 3 photos

Sou apenas um jovem que curte gozar a vida...


Gay man: 27y (Argentina) 11.7k visits

4 videos - 4 photos

Masculino de 22 años, deportista, depilado con una cola hermosa, firme y redonda trabajada en el gimnasio, puta en la cama. DE NEUQUEN CAPITAL. Pasivo pero puedo ser versatil si pinta. SIN LUGAR


Man: 24y (Mexico) 29k visits

255 favs - 81 photos

hola soy un joven que quiere cumplir fantasías con mujeres y también hombres, quiero tener mi primera experiencia con un hombre activo, quien se apunta ?? soy virgen del culo , dejen su comentario de que me harian


Man: 26y (Brazil) 6.4k visits

8 videos - 6 photos

Os vídeos postados são meus. O que você gostaria de ver? Me adiciona como amigo e manda no chat ou comenta em algum video. Quero gravar vídeos de sexo amador, bora?


Man: 25y (Mexico) 1.1M visits

168 videos - 4 favs - 1,604 photos

Chacal Albañil WhatsApp 9211464705 Me gusta ver porno casero a pelo, chaquetas y sus fotos. Tengo fetiches, como los albañiles, yo soy uno, mecánicos y todos los hombres sucios, me excitan los maduros principalmente. Fetiches de short tipo soccer y parecidos, rotos sucios y demás. También los pantalones de vestir y uniformes de policias que brillen Face: Ricardo Alexander Hernández Twitter: @Chacal13Machin Tumblr: Chacal Machín Instagram: CHACAL_MACHIN


Gay man: 40y (Brazil) 11.4k visits

23 favs - 4 photos

Zona Sul São Paulo - Grajaú 940654932


Man: 38y (Brazil) 11.7k visits

27 videos - 7 photos

Um homem que gosta de foder e está oportunizando novas possibilidades de foda.


Man: 74y (United Kingdom) 17.7k visits

10 videos - 22 favs - 59 photos

Younger looking than my age suggests. Reasonably slim and very fit and athletic. Enormous sexual appetite. Will do almost anything to give and receive pleasure the more extreme the better plus lots of anal play. Love rosebuds also into sounding rods (urethra). Love to fuck men and women but adore being fucked even more, love small cocks and enormous cocks and lots of pussy, Interested in couples (mm / mf), gang bangs.. Love BDSM too.


Man: 47y (Hungary) 58.6k visits

1,029 favs - 322 photos

Bisex férfi vagyok, mindent szeretek ami a sex kapcsolatos, szép puncit szeretek nyalni. Sovány nők a kövér nők vékony pasik és a kövér pasik egyformán felizgatnak. Szopok, nyalok, dugok. Skype cimem: rbendeguz1


Man: 42y (Panama) 20.5k visits

39 favs - 52 photos

I love bi men and women


Man: 26y (Colombia)

2 videos

Man made for men. Follow me on Twitter @princeofhell777 Nice guy


Man: 40y (USA) 2.4k visits

7 videos - 31 favs

I just live life one day at a time?


Man: 35y (Russia) 5.6k visits

932 favs - 16 photos

Люблю секс и открытых раскрепощенных людей!Добавляйтесь.А в целом познакомлюсь ближе с похотливой Дамой (страпонессой) для приятного досуга .


Man: 33y (USA) 5.1k visits

9 videos - 133 favs - 7 photos

i want to try everything life has to offer. Currently I've only dated girls, But fucked around with a guy I used to work with. we tried to fuck a couple times but I didn't know what I was doing and he barely spoke English to tell me. I mostly just let him suck my dick walking home after shutting the bar down. It was fun. I wanna fuck a shemale. And I want to get fucked by a girl with a strap on or a guy with a big meaty cock.

Anal Stimulation

Man: 29y (USA) 1.3k visits

5 videos

I’m a down low chub. I enjoy toying with my ass. I live in Fort Worth, Texas. Anyone else from here? Message me.


Man: 27y (USA) 2.3k visits

3 videos - 3 favs

I'm Down for anything. I swing both ways, male, female and transsexuals . I aim to please you to the absolute fullest guaranteed possible. I'm down to do anything that you want to do. I Have a high sex drive and I am always looking for a good time.


Man: 32y (Philippines) 2.4k visits

1,018 favs


Man: 42y (USA)

2 videos - 5 favs - 14 photos

Wishing I had a hard cock to suck and cum inside my asshole after fucking me deep and hard.


Man: 39y (Brazil) 12.1k visits

26 videos - 7 photos

Se você é de Belo Horizonte/MG ou Região Metropolitana de Belo Horizonte, pode e quer uma real de verdade (tenha a capacidade de vir até mim, garanto que não vai se arrepender) sem enrolação, só uma curtição real e gostoso, não fique chupando dedo ou batendo punheta. Deixe que eu te chupo e bato uma para você. Infelizmente devido a muitos engraçadinhos que se acham no direito de se apropriar do número de zap dos outros tive que retirar daqui. Sou 100℅ passivo. Deixe seu contato nos comentários ou chame para podermos conversar e conhecer melhor. Marcar algo assim e botar para quebrar. Quero sexo de qualidade mas com segurança. Se quiser pode gravar e tirar fotos. Só meu rosto poderá aparecer. Você ficará no sigilo total..tenha a descência de ler: mulheres não são bem vindas. Homens que queiram me levar para qualquer outro tipo de site, também não será bem vindo. If you are from Belo Horizonte / MG or Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte, you can and want a real real (have the ability to come to me, I guarantee you will not regret it) without curling, just a real tasting and delicious, do not stay sucking finger or pouting. Let me suck you and I'll knock one out for you. Unfortunately due to many funny ones who are in the right to own the number of Zap of the others I had to remove from here. I'm 100℅ passive. Leave your contact in the comments or call so we can talk and get to know each other better. Mark something like that and put it to break. I want quality sex but with security. If you want you can record and take photos. Only my face can appear. You will be in total secrecy ... have the readability: women are not welcome. Men who want to take me to any other type of site, will not be welcome either.


Man: 43y (USA) 1.6k visits

15 favs

Gay & Proud.


Gay man: 55y (France) 11.6k visits

669 favs - 3 photos

bottom guy (passif essentiellement) for middle-eastern,gipsy,african,pakistanese,portuguese... typed tops (j'aime les mecs ACTIFS_ typés "moyen-orient"-arabes,beurs,maghrébins,turcs,gitans,pakistanais,portugais...)


Man: 69y (Australia) 3.4k visits

15 videos - 99 favs - 53 photos

Kik Jimbo2981. Love to chat with men and women and roll play on any sexual subjecr. I am a mature old man who really enjoys masturbating and would love someone to suck my cock. Recently I have really enjoyed watching gay guys. Perhaps I am switching to being gay. I have been masturbating since childhood and love to watch others wank, women and men. My cock is circumcised (cut) as you can see. I am only 2 1/2 inches soft and 5 inches erect, so not much enjoyment for the ladies.


Man: 37y (Australia) 12.2k visits

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Easy-going, open-minded, looking for friends and fun :) DISCLAIMER: all individuals and/or institutions, including local, state, federal, and international law enforcement agencies using xvideos.com or its associated sites for projects and/or investigations. - You do not have my permission to use any of my profile information, pictures, videos, blogs, or stories in any form or forum both current and future. If you have, or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action.


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Whatsapp +541134112686 manda mensaje si querés que tengamos sexo, soy de Lanús Este


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Sou um moreno safadinho entre 4 paredes que topo tudo no sexo em toda sua plenitude e sem restrições. Pra mim entre 4 paredes vale de tudo.

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