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Age:115 years old


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violation of human rights gender guy in sexual aspects
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- + - this message from INDIGOs was brought / published on the first of the original source, in the first days of June 14 of the 21st century
but soon it* was seized* and deleted by special services which are on/which even over the original FBI and –°IA
For disclose facts that they could not open reveal the public or hide
as and here*
- + -

- i create a lot of noise to be heared by many peoples -


- truth come true -

in God we trust
God we trust

message from 1ND1G05

War to suppress another's subconscious has already begun to weaken and destroy, erase someone else's subconscious mentality and against which there is a struggle. For the growth and prosperity of its own mentality, the mentality of the union, and the priority of the subconscious way of thinking, which ultimately leads to victory over the "enemy" - this is the 3rd World War, it affects the vast masses. Using different methods and techniques of the war / conflict.
This idea was picked up by another from Hitler himself (but on a different level) and is still a priority hatched two great super-powers countries.
The Cold War never ended, and at the expiration of allegedly breaks, which actually was not, it did not start again - about it just became audible again.
message from 111cl1905
message from 111cl1905

your first move / step is to understand that boys, boys in sexual terms should be legal age not 18, but 19+
and if someone from the people of any country declares / declare it or will require it - you do not have the right to shut him / her mouth. So you are doing our war more real, more tightening.
But if you will continue, continue your manipulations of these against the opinions of others people, as a result, harming these actions as them and you. That way, you make us go to war against you and make it more real and more tightening. You do not leave us a way out, because mankind should live. But you gradually leads all mankind to a quick death.
This applies to both the FBI and CIA to and to the FSB and to your special departments, all of which hide it, go for the risk you together can not appreciate until now.
If you* continue to create an anarchic attitude to a particular view, and manipulate people. You* and many of you will suffer. You will feel your weakness soon, you will deliberate the Pandora's box that infect you/touches you and can not be shut down, just like that, when you or we already want, this vortex Pandora's box. For your extermination - you are enemies to all mankind.

Increasing age 19+ in puberty is an important aspect for the survival of all mankind, and your stubbornness do not increase above the age - is the main destructive thing that you want to change is not imposed. The rationale is clear to us, but we do not understand your aspirations. It brings massive destruction to all mankind at a subconscious level. The opportunity to further reduce the mental and subconscious, you create it, in order to further manipulate individuals, violating their rights and freedoms in all spectra. This leads to mass war, if it is not stopped. You play with a small flame on now , but soon he breaks out of a huge flame in exacerbating, suddenly, like an epidemic breaks out - and it will lead to the destruction of all humankind.
And this aggravating it can be stopped if you take the first step to to wisdom. Namely - the increase in sexual age for boys - 19+. Cure aggravation, and will further the proper development of the whole of humanity in terms of psychological and subconscious. Otherwise - you encourage self-destruction of all humankind.

Thus, your changes and intervention at this level - inhumane and incorrect. You are trying to change as a result of much of the world, even if the chance at this, in the end most of the population will be destroyed, in one form or another. This intervention and imposing on a subconscious level, when humanity must change its natural rhythm, you are interfering with natural processes and destroys basic criteria of existence and the survival of humanity against the possible and necessary, correct its development. How to as in genetics too but these is another... and the subconscious, which will be the destruction of the population in the whole of humanity, or in the literal sense of destruction or damage in order to change the rules of life, which should not be. For you make of themselves gods, and you try to put themselves above the forces of nature. But you're wrong. Because of your arrogance and self-confidence. Nature by a protection mechanism will be erased from the face of the earth all mankind. (And you know what kind of nature question, then tight relationship). If we say "know", then at least be given to you to know and understand ... So erase in this case is unavoidable. But we will erase you before. We are bio-immunity of all mankind on the DNA level, the nature of the implementation of the time being in the progress of change. And to think that we are given to be able to change, when nature erases humanity without right thinking people. But we have now everything will be different.
. Know. We are not alone. Apple from tree apple *. You already weak *
this is not a war between Russia and America
a war for humanity
it is a war of humanity for its future
when humanity goes against those who make this world inhuman
FBI you are accused in many forms / articles against humanity, you are harboring these violations * at the highest level, and do not intend to change its direction action, inhumane, gradually imposing a flawed way of life that you save on a subconscious level, many millions and billions of people.
* Know. We are not alone. Apple from tree apple *. You already weak *
Your intervention is huge and very dangerous, you are driving our humanity to perish without realizing it
And even I would never think that you are capable of this, but now I * we * have caught you, and I * we * know what you have and who you are. CIA you are accused of and background of co-partnership in violation of many inhumane cases that you create and then against humanity in conjunction with the FBI
You started this war against the subconscious and the sanity of mankind, and it is another level of war - and that level of war is more dangerous.
You lead the world to the death before his time, going to the victim, which should not be.
As a diplomatic source, you do not pay attention to, and rejected my messages.
INDIGO society expands, especially in its power, and our war will hurt more bombs, but not using them, we will wipe you off the face of the earth * because you are driving, drive, direct the whole of humanity to death. Better to wipe out those who lead all mankind to death, but to live those who deserve this life here *.

We are not one or a few,
As one apple on the tree, I one of their number as the crabapple tree is not one - so we are many.
* Know. We are not alone. Apple from tree apple *. You already weak *
We do not Anonymus, but * in any match. We are not terrorists, though for you we have them. For you imbeciles, morons and the ashes of the past of mankind, you dust of the past millennium are not eligible for further existence and life here. For those who are in a conspiracy to create a result mass destruction (create in total), do not have the right to life. And we will wipe you off the face of the earth to prevent it, but otherwise have, our * way. You every day by refusing to go to meet the common sense and creativity, you encourage self-destruction on a subconscious level, and in some cases, a very strong influence of the interference in people's minds - creating a disruption. And because _ you _ were _ warned _ but _ know _ this war against you * already begun _ you do not even bad people, you - below what * you - a spoiled product of humanity, you are even worse - because you will not change and you do not want .... The answer to the complete annihilation of you from the face of the earth. Be prepared. For to this you are not ready, the concentration of the Inhumans way affiliated with you * embedded in the FBI and CIA depends on the outcome of this war. Exodus - we will destroy you, or, or you break down and give in to the subordination of common sense. And now, at the moment, and unfortunately still for a long time - you are the enemy - of mankind.
in God we trust
God we trust

source from = Aperiel

- truth come true -

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