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Man, Actor, Erotic model, 24 years old from Toronto, Canada

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Age:24 years old


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About me:

I'm William Kegels.
Erotic Model & Adult Entertainer.
Male Kegel Exercise & Tantra Practitioner.
Kegels Can Be Done By Anyone, Anytime , Anywhere.
Kegel Exercises Have Many Incredible Sexual & Health Benefits!
I Have Practiced Tantra and Male Kegel Exercises for Years.
And Have Gained Many Amazing Abilities & Benefits Doing so.
I Can Flex my Penis with Kegels ,Controlling Erection Movement Hands free while still with pc-muscle & pelvic floor making my dick "dance" (Check Favorites Tab)
I'm A Straight Canadian Male Interested In Beautiful Women.
Please Contact me if Interested in Anything!
I also do nude modeling and penis modeling.
Full body paint model, nude art or nude drawing model.
I also teach people Tantra , Tantric Sex ,
Tantric Couples Yoga & Kegel Exercises.

Twitter @WilliamKegels
Tumblr @WilliamKegels
EMAIL WilliamKegels@gmail.com

*check favorites tab for my main male kegel exercise videos moving my dick hands free by flexing real tantric lingam kegels*



Women And Men Can Do Kegel Exercises.
Kegel Exercises are the flexing of your intimate love muscles.
The PC-Muscle, BC Muscle & Pelvic Floor Muscles.
When A Man Does a Kegel it Flex's His Penis & Moves Around. At first only moving slightly if at all, but over time will gain abilty to control erection Kegeling Your Penis around Hands Free.
Also Known as Lingam Kegels in Tantra.And many more amazing things mentioned soon.
When A Women Kegels Her Vaginal Muscles Flex ,
Squeezing & Griping , Pulling an Object into her Yoni.
And can Push out / Birth an object by flexing Reverse Kegels.
Kegels Can Be Done By Anyone, Anytime , Anywhere.
Kegel Exercises Have Many Incredible Sexual & Health Benefits.
In Tantra , Yoni = Sacred Space ( Vagina )
Lingam = Wand of Light ( Penis )

Women Can gain control over their vaginal muscles and
Have stronger orgasms, g-spot orgasms, multiple orgasms, tighter grip, female ejaculation, able to use your vaginal muscles to pull in / squeeze (Kegel) And push out / birth (Reverse Kegel) increased sensations, milk a mans lingam with vaginal muscles alone while being still, Pompoir, move jade eggs up and down the 3 sections of the vaginal canal with vaginal muscles alone, Kabazzah & Lift Vaginal Weight With Jade Eggs , Shoot ping pong balls, move a dildo hands free, Orgasmic Birth & much much more!

When a man practices Kegel Exercises & lingam breathing he can gain control over his erection and flex his penis and move it around hands free, end premature ejaculation, stronger orgasms, male multiple orgasms, shoot cum further, harder long lasting erections, fix erectile dis-function, hands free orgasms, more pre-ejaculatory fluid ( pre-cum ), dry orgasms, separate orgasm from ejaculation , lift weight with erection, flex their penis and dance it hands free with male kegels , flex your lingam(penis) during intercourse to surprise your partner and enhance sex, become multi orgasmic, flex a kegel to stop ejaculation and much more aswell..
Tantra Taught Flexing of the Intimate Love Muscles long ago.
Dr. Arnold Kegel Re-discovered The Muscle groups and Named the exercise after himself " Kegel Exercises ".
This is just a way to locate the muscle groups! (PC&BC Muscles)
Stop your urine mid flow .That is a Kegel.
PC-Muscle - Pubococcygeus Muscle .
Push your urine out faster mid flow. Is reverse Kegel
BC-Muscle - Bulbocavernosus Muscle .
IC-Muscle - iliococcygeus muscle also contracts when kegeling.
These 3 muscles PC,BC,IC are what flexes when doing Kegel Exercises. These are your Pelvic floor muscles . Men & Women have these 3 muscle groups in their Pelvic floor although slightly different in position and size.
When Doing Kegels Don't use Abs or Anal Muscles.
Try to use Abs / Anal muscles AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE
People can also use E-Stimulation devices if they have a weak pelvic floor , Dr. Ho Muscle Stimulator ,TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator) or EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulator) to help locate the muscle groups if you have a really weak pelvic floor or are into that stuff. You can buy E Stim dildo's , E-stim penis straps and e-stim toys online. But my advice is don't use them much unless you have to because the proper way is to learn to flex your muscles yourself. learning your bodies true abilities and feeling yourself flex your intimate inner love muscles!

Women Can also insert a Finger and flex a kegel to locate the muscle groups. If done correctly you will feel your vagina contract and grip/pull slightly on your finger and these contractions and muscle groups will get stronger / tighter over time and practice.
When a Women Flex's a kegel her vaginal muscles will
contract, pulling & squeezing onto an object.(PC-Muscle)
When a Woman Flex's a reverse kegel her Vaginal muscles
Will contract pushing out/ birthing.(BC-Muscle)
Women Can use Jade Eggs / Yoni Eggs/ Vagina Eggs , Yoni Balls or Yoni Wands / Lingam Stones etc..for her kegel exercises.
I don't recommend Ben Wa Balls or Luna Beads etc. because they are metal and plastic and not good for your body. Yoni Wands, Yoni Eggs, Lingam Stones & Yoni Balls are made of Jade , Black Obsidian ,Quartz Crystals and other Natural Minerals. And are what Tantra taught to use to strengthen the Vaginal muscles.
Using These Teaches you To use your Vaginal muscles to
squeeze down and hold the egg in place. After Regular Kegel practice and some time with your Egg, Wand etc.
You will be able to stand up and walk around with the egg/stone/crystals inside of you and no one will know.
And even just go about your day with them in!
Women can also do advanced techniques like Belly Dancing With Yoni Eggs, Yoga With Yoni eggs ( Shakti Yoga , Yogini Yoga #YoniYoga ) , Hoola Hoop with Yoni Eggs , Twerk with Jade Eggs , Squats / Workout With Jade Eggs
and much more !
Check leading Yoni Egg Coaches and Self Love Experts Rosie Rees , Amber Leitz , Nolita Ananda & Sofia Sundari
Over Time You will be able to move the eggs around
inside yourself. Throughout the 3 sections of the vaginal canal.
moving the eggs ,lingam stones, yoni wand or dildo up and down your Vaginal canal up to the cervix and back down to the vaginal opening without falling out. with only your intimate love muscles! That is how a true Tantric Self Love Ritual is Done by Women. Such Goddesses!
Some women also do Vaginal Weight Lifting .
Also Known as Vaginal Kung-Fu .
#VaginalKungFu #ThingsiLiftWithmyVagina
And attach a string and weight to their Yoni Egg .
Check leading experts Kim Anami & Tatyana Kozhevnikova
NO YOU DO NOT LIFT WEIGHT WITH LABIA PIERCINGS & LIP CLIPS LIKE YOU SEE IN HARDCORE VIDS. You lift with your internal love muscles (pc muscle and pelvic floor muscles)
Holding the Egg in place by contracting your vaginal muscles. When you flex a kegel your vaginal muscles will squeeze down on an object pulling it in towards the cervix and gripping onto it ,holding it in place. over time your contractions will become even stronger You don't need string if not attaching weight. To learn proper technique you should birth the yoni egg back out by doing a reverse kegel and pushing out with your vaginal muscles.Not pulling on a string. Don't worry if you cant get it out. just relax it will come out naturally when vaginal muscles relax or get tired. And cannot go up into the body. Just to the Cervix where the egg will naturally pull to and nessel against when Flexing a Kegel. Like mentioned before a kegel will pull the egg in deeper and grip , a reverse kegel will push the egg out / birth. Once your muscles are strengthened you will be able to pop it right out when you are done maybe even have an Orgasmic Birth! And you will gain so much added feeling and pleasure and so much more!

Men Can Visually notice when flexing a kegel properly because.
When a Man Flex's a Kegel (PC-Muscle) his Penis Will Lift and Flex pulling upwards into the body.
Only slightly at first but over time will gain control of erection / penis and will be able to move it around by
flexing male kegels hands-free. This is also know as Lingam Kegels in Tantra. Flexing of the Penis aswell. Pornstar Peter North Did Male Kegel Exercises throughout his Career hence why he can shoot so far and flex/move his dick. He has been vocal on this and Promotes male kegel exercises aswell.
A man can add weight to His erection for added
resistance for kegel exercises. Also known as
Towel Raise Kegels, or Cock Pushups etc.
Putting a Towel , cloth, weight etc on your erection and
Flex a Kegel and hold as long as possible, Holding up the weight with your erect penis & repeating.
And or Slowly raising and lowering your erection by kegeling and reverse kegeling your erection / penis up and down.
Because when a man kegels when erect his
penis flex's and lifts and rises up.
Man Can Also Use Penis Pump or Vacuum Pumps for added Resistance / Pressure against your Kegel Exercises.
When a man flex's a reverse kegel (BC-Muscle)his penis
pushes outwards pressing outwards & downward. DLD Michael Salvini from Matter of Size Claims to gain over an inch while Pressing a Reverse Kegel. Reverse Kegels (BC-Muscle) shouldn't be forgotten.Reverse kegels have many amazing benefits too like stopping premature ejaculation, separating orgasm from ejaculation and much more! A man Can Kegel His Lingam until Ejaculation Hands Free Without added Stimulation. This Can be a long process with a lot of pre cum and will bring an Amazing long lasting orgasm even multiple orgasms and dry orgasms(orgasms without cumming) along the way before ejaculation . The Ability for a man to make himself cum without added stimulation through kegel exercises is a Male Tantric Self Love Ritual. Done by flexing your Dick Kegels in rhythmic contractions until orgasm.One of The best things about male kegels for the man himself is the added confidence with women and in bed because the abilities he gained.
Couples Should Also Practice Their Kegel Exercises Together. Flexing their Kegels during Intercourse for Incredible Increased Sensations and Added Fun & Play. In True Tantra & Kama Sutra ,Tantric Yoga, Shakti Yoga. Being able to Kegel is very important when embracing each other in slow sensual advanced positions. Kegeling Together is Absolutely Amazing! #NetflixandKegel So get Kegeling and awaken your Yoni or Lingam's True abilities! Kegel Exercises Have So Many Amazing Sexual And Health Benefits for all, Much more than I can list here. so Just Search more info about what I have mentioned about Kegel Exercises & Tantra online or Contact Me for anything! xo
- William Kegels

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