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About me:

I'm a young Canadian male interested in beautiful women. I will do erotic modeling, exotic dancing or escort service, I will cam aswell. please contact me if interested. I am about pleasuring the woman first. I love giving women intense orgasms and squirting orgasms. i love hearing women cum and watching them shake during orgasm. I would like to find a woman interested in making a video together.. I like making videos and exercising my penis(pc muscles&pelvicfloor muscles). Doing Kegels and other exercises. I love to practice Hands free Orgasmic techniques and exercises. I can bounce and twerk my dick hands free with pc-muscle moving it around .
I am really interested in women who have the ability to control their vaginal muscles(PC&pelvic floor) gripping and clinging of vaginal wall muscles. And perform the Tantric and Kama Sutra arts of
Velvet Grip Technique - squeezing and clenching of penis with vagina walls and labia (pc and pelvic floor muscles) practiced by doing kegels
Pompoir/Kabazzah -the fine art of massaging a penis with vaginal muscles only while both partners are still, the woman grips and massages her man’s penis with rhythmic, rippling contractions of the (PCmuscle and other pelvic floor muscles)
Vadavaka/Vaginal Clench - your lover traps and holds u tight squeezing down on her pc-muscle and creates a milking/sucking like sensation on your penis with her vagina muscles gripping and massaging

Heres some info on male/female sex exercises and sex tricks

For Men, having strong PC muscles and doing Kegel exercises also has sexual health benefits for men.
Studies have shown they help improve the strength of your erection,circulation and even size.
And have been used for decades as a standard technique with erectile dysfunction concerns.
Kegels have also been shown in studies to be effective for many men who struggle with premature ejaculation.
In addition, strong PC muscles have been associated with stronger, more intense ejaculations.In some men penis exercises for a period of time may cause a pre-ejaculatory fluid known also as Pre-cum and is the male version of squirting and can also cause orgasmic sensations while exercising, even male multiple orgasms.

For women, strong PC and Pelvic muscles have been associated with more intense, frequent and stronger orgasms. Both clitoral and vaginal including multiple and ejaculating(squirting)
For some women who can ejaculate (squirt), Kegel exercises can also increase in the strength and intensity of ejaculation.Many believe most all women can have a squirting g-spot orgasm through proper vaginal exercises and practice.
Kegel exercises strengthen vaginal muscle tone and help create a tighter vaginal canal.
This can aid in the woman's pleasure as she feels the fullness of girth. Also, a tighter vagina while the penis is inside can increase the man's pleasure as well. The ability to Squeeze/clench and hold a penis inside her vagina will become easily through pc & pelvic floor exercises.

You can do your workouts with clothes on, during commercials, at work or in bed. if u cant find your pc muscle ,to find your pc/love muscle try to stop your urine flow. as it is the same muscle used when taking a pee if u try to stop quickly. when u flex your pc muscle the rest of your body should be relaxed. focusing only on the pc muscle. in males when u flex correctly u will see your penis move or bounce, over time(like anyother exercise) u will gain a much stronger erection even size increase. in females to know if u flex/contract properly at first try inserting your finger or 2 and flex and contract the pc u will feel it squeeze slightly . over time your vagina will become much stronger and tighter.as u will be able to grip , control and massage with your mans penis with your vagina, without moving your body, its amazing.
Some couples do Kegel exercises together. He gets erect, penetrates her, and they alternate doing reps or simultaneously squeeze and hold.
For those of you who haven’t yet tried, it’s a lovely feeling for both to have a vagina do a Kegel exercise with your penis inside.
And some women have reported intense orgasms even ejaculation while man does pc muscle flexes and kegels against her G-spot.
For womens pleasure insert erect penis deep into vagina find and hold it against her G-spot keeping it in place.
Then squeeze and release your pc muscles, dancing and grinding your penis against her G-spot get her to do kegels or vaginal squeeze while u do this.

One of the best "sex tricks" for women of any age is the vaginal squeeze or Velvet Grip technique.
The practice of a woman developing the strength and control of her vaginal muscles.
Having strong vaginal and pelvic floor muscles has many benefits for a woman and her sexual partner.
Regular exercise of the PC muscle and surrounding pelvic floor muscles increases blood flow and nerve connections to a woman’s genital region.
This tightening and toning of the vaginal muscles not only improves her sexual health it also expands the level of sexual enjoyment for her and her male partner.

Regular vaginal training increases a woman's orgasm frequency, intensity and variety.
For most women orgasms are centered in the clitoris.
But with proper exercise not only does her clitoral orgasm improve - becoming not only easier but more intense - she often becomes multi-orgasmic and develops the ability to experience vaginal orgasms and ejaculating orgasms.

Women who consistently exercise and practice expand not only their orgasmic ability;
they also greatly increase the pleasure enjoyed by their male partner.
Strength and control of the vaginal muscles allow a woman to squeeze and firmly hold an inserted penis of any size.
For women with strong and healthy vaginal muscles, male penis size really doesn't matter.
As she is able to grip, hold and enjoy a penis of any size.

Kegel weights can be used to add weight to your exercises, a small cone or ball shape is inserted into vagina and u flex and hold , holding the weight inside your vagina by clenching your pc muscle/vaginal walls.
See Tatyana Kozhevnikova as she holds the record for it.
some women use a dildo, and are able to hold it in and move it in and out hands free with pc muscle/ pelvic floor by doing kegels.

In cultures where vaginal training is encouraged the women learn to firmly grip the penis in their vagina then contract the muscles to provide a milking sensation.
Men, who are fortunate enough to have such a woman, say the sensation of penile milking with a strong vagina is the ultimate sexual experience -- preferring it over oral stimulation.
In addition to improving clitoral orgasm experiences, pelvic exercise increases the likelihood for vaginal, multiple and whole-body orgasms. This includes female ejaculation or "squirting" orgasms.

Pompoir/Milking of the Penis/Kabazzah

1. The best positions for pompoir are women on top and sitting positions

2. Begin by having him lie down. He should relax and remain passive, letting you do the work.

3. Stimulate him until he is erect. Once he is erect, insert his penis into your vagina. Or stimulate him untill he is semi-erect, just enought to insert and feel him grow as you begin to flex

4. He is NOT to thrust or move his penis at all. He should remain as still as he can.

5. Once his penis is inserted and you’re in position, either straddling or sitting in his lap, try to not move your pelvis. Your only movements should come from contracting your Vaginal muscles using your(pc & pelvicfloor muscles).

6. You may kiss and caress each other freely, but no thrusting or rocking. You both remain as still as possible allowing her Vaginal muscles to do the work

7. Flex and contract your PC muscles in various patterns until you feel his penis throbbing. (Kegel exercises make the vagina more sensitive.) This should occur shortly and indicates his intense arousal.

8. Get the feel of his throbbing penis and time your squeezing and releasing with his throbbing. Squeeze and release quickly as he nears ejaculation.

9. Keep “milking” and massaging his penis as he climaxes, which makes him feel as if the ejaculate is being sucked/pulled from his body…thrilling for both of you.

10. Durning his orgasm, keep flexing and relaxing your PC muscles rapidly and build up to your own climax. Add additional clitoral stimulation with your fingers if needed and keep flexing and squeezing until you are satisfied.

This same thing can be done with the woman still and the male flexing his pc muscle only, rubbing against her g-spot .
Or both can be still and flex your love muscle together.

Pleasuring your man by caressing, fondling, gripping, massaging, and milking his penis without using your hands is good enough reason for ANY loving woman to learn pompoir. Plus, developing your PC muscles and Pelvic Floor muscles to do this gripping increases your orgasm frequency, intensity, and variety. For most women, orgasm is centered in the clitoris, but with proper exercise not only does your clitoral orgasm improve, you develop the ability to experience vaginal, multiple, and ejaculating orgasms.

Please Search for more information:

PC muscle exercises
Pelvic Floor muscle exercises
Kegel exercise for women/men
Pompoir / Kabazzah / Vadavaka
Vaginal Squeeze/clinch exercise
Hands Free Orgasmic Techniques
Velvet Grip Technique
Exercising your Love Muscle

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