Woman, 31 years old from Cannotsay, Canada

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Age:31 years old





Kids:No but want some

Education:High school







Height:188 cm

Weight:65 kg

Hair length:Long

Hair color:Brown

Eyes color:Brown


About me:

November 3 2012
3 inches of snow on Nov, rain. Alberta weather. LOL
What's more of an attraction than sex?
...a kitten.
Her name's Vesta, and our cat Georgina adopted her within seconds of us bringing her home. :-) Not really a surprise as every animal we've ever 'sat' for (Beagle puppy and 2 babye ferrets) she adopted as a surrogate 'Mom', the ferrets, now full grown--still consider her 'Mom;.
For anyone who's worried about a kitten in our home, Vesta's got Full animal health coverage, has a houseful of people who love her, a devoted surrogate 'Mom' and while we do pay a lot of attention to her, we're all careful not to overwhelm her--she's still so young her eyes are blue. So, we adore her, but do treat her like the babycat she is. Hector, Georgina's Bff, the Monsterdog next door, after a snuffle-snurf by way of introduction...well, it's a Bad Idea to try hurting Vesta with him around--100+Lbs of Shepherd-cross can ruin your entire month when he's upset and defensive. :-D
We want Vesta to have a long, healthy, happy life and do all we can to ensure such. Naturally, Vesta doesn't know or care--she's busy doing the kitten-thing and exploring the world. :-)
Under everyone's careful watch to keep her safe. She was named, by me, for the Roman Goddess of Hearth & home.

First: Thank-You to all of you befriending me, reading my profile and such!! I'm a bit mystified by the setup they have now--I'm likely overthinking it--but please accept my Thanks for your sending me a Friend request!!
If you want to know a bit more about me, here's my main 'Hub' blog and is updated frequently.

Temporary Update: Busy-busy-busy...I really need to teach our cat how to tyep, get her a laptop and have her help me. She's got 7 toes per paw, so she should be one helluve typist!! IF I can get her attention on something cats are allergic to: Work. LOL
Got back 3 hrs ago from a day out at The Acreage for a Dom's Night, and I'm one thoroughly rough-ridden Mare. The Fillies, Brianna and Lhana, are sound asleep, barely made it to the bed before they were sinking into sleep like a rock dropped overboard in the middle of the Atlantic. ;-)
Lhana was Presented today to the Doms, so this was a rather special day for her as the last Dom's Night was for Brianna.

First & Foremost:
I do not use ANY form of IM.
We had our home network compromised via IM through our firewall a time ago and have learned to be careful.
It's my Husband's ban, and considering the business info we lost and the damage to us I'm in full agreement with him as it hurt us quite badly professionally and financially.
No Exceptions. Don't even try asking for an Exception, it'll be denied flatly and completely...or ignored.
We almost lost our home last time, and we're not looking for a repeat of that experience, one in their right mind would.

Same rule about Real photos. But the price paid was paid by me and in blood, literally.

I did it before and suffered for it when my Husband was away on business.
Our neighbour, who is ex-RCMP feels that the pics I use are 'Dangerously' close enough to my appearance that I should not use them--it's that close.
Never again will I allow a Real pic of myself on the web.
The last time involved an intruder in our home who had stalked me through the web to my home, and he waited until Martin was away. I got lucky that our neighbour heard my yelling and came to see what was going on. I ended up with bruised internal organs and ribs from being beaten by the stalker as he tried to subdue me.
Bruised lungs hurt like you wouldn't believe...and bruised ribs on top, also bruised stomach and liver as well as larynx.
I will add that since then, and shortly afterward, home security was addressed and revised to a degree that any future would-be intruders will find entry daunting and formidably difficult.

About me; I'm 28, 6'3, luxuriously curvy, black steel-frame glasses, just nicely 'upholstered' physically, and I stay in shape with lots of swimming, walking as well as eating right. I have a bad habit of getting caught up in things and skipping meals, always intending to 'eat later'...because of that, I'm 10Lbs underweight according to my Dr..
I have dark brown/black fairly-to-shoulder-blade length hair, brown eyes.
Guys seem to notice my face at least nearly as often as my bust, despite my glasses.

I'm terribly shy, and I mean as in it creates problems for me in life, and writing as well as doing other creative things and general involvement here, on Twitter, etc. I hope will be some kind of outlet that might help me stop feeling like an over-anxious and overly-introverted Clydesdale...being my height and being 'schoolgirl-shy' just feels about as awkward as Dante`s Inferno is hot.
I'm slightly Dyslexic, and can't cook for the life of me if it's not canned or frozen.
I get taken to the local pistol range by hubby on average twice a week, and because of years of doing that I'm a good shot and know my way around firearms. I prefer revolvers to semiautomatics and can handle a .44 hotloaded Magnum without a problem. I prefer .357 Magnum, though.

My measurements are -now- 38HH-25-37.
NO, I'm not interested in hearing crap about getting a reduction or such. My back is fine, and to be extra careful I do exercises to keep my back muscles toned and strong.
There's a reason my bust went from a D cup to where it is now. ;)
It's Called an Adult Nursing Relationship, I did this to give something truly special to Husband, and it's also had some unexpected but very solid benefits regarding his blood pressure, managing his Hypoglycemia, and helping him fight off Flu bouts--which are dangerous for him owing to a vulnerability to Influenza he inherited from his Father. It's also had benefits for us both in terms of relaxation and Bonding, of course.

Adult Nursing Relationship (ANR)

The suckling of milk from a female's breast on a regular basis from one or more partner(s). Successful ANRs depend on a stable and long-term relationship, as, otherwise it is very difficult to maintain a steady milk flow. Couples may begin an ANR by transferring regular suckling from a child to a sexual partner (e.g. husband). Such a relationship may form as an expression of close intimacy and mutual tenderness and may even exist without sex. Breastfeeding can have a strong stabilizing effect on the partnership.
The breastfeeding woman may experience orgasms or a pleasurable let-down reflex.
ANRs have also been employed in cases where a mother may desire to breastfeed her child, but has to find an alternative to inducing lactation. She may have difficulty beginning lactation, so supplements the infants's suckling with that of a partner. Or there are cases where breastfeeding was interrupted for an extended period of time as a result of infant prematurity, infant absence, or mother's illness (taking prescription medication). In such cases, adult nursing has often caused lactation to continue until it was possible for the child to resume breast feeding. Others may want to nurse an adopted child, so use an ANR to stimulate breastmilk production before the adoption occurs. Though such scenarios do not have erotic motivations, erotic expression may be an additional aspect of the relationship.

Rather than use a Real photo and risk trouble again in RL I've 'borrowed' a pic that looks close enough to myself...that's 'close' to my actual appearance--although my breasts are much bigger. :D
Yes, 'breasts', is what I call them. :-D
Please don't ask for a real picture of me, I gave in and gave one out and I'm STILL regretting it so it's a personal rule I'll not break EVER again. I stated why above--never again, and I'm not kidding.
For the curious,the avatar pics are 90%Plus close enough to what I look like--which is admittedly, kinda creepy.
Not sure how I feel about that yet.
...yes, I do, it's useful but still makes me feel like I've been 'Watched'.
It's close enough that seeing it, you'd have NO trouble picking me out of a crowd. My husband actually picked it out for me because it's so freakishly close to my actual appearance. ;)
He loves it, I'm creeped-out by it...there is symmetry. :D

You'll have to remember that I'm a happily Married woman, and while I have an immense amount of freedom regarding online interaction, there is no possibility of ever 'hooking up' in Reality. I will never risk my Marriage, and I'm not some kind of bitch-toy slutting around. The stalker had to nearly kill me, and was still a long ways from being able to rape me--so you can imagine how willing I'd be in messing around outside my Marriage.
I'm Married, that's that.
When I say 'Husband', it's the same way other women say 'Master'. I am Husband's Woman, Wife, and his Mare. Yes, I'm submissive, and yes we enjoy a Marriage that now includes a very significant aspect of BDSM.
Husband says.
I obey.
But, he scrupulously remains out of my 'online life' as it's mine, and insists on holding to a very strict respect for that. He does show up on some of my accounts from time to time to handle things if I'm indisposed (say with my sinuses acting up), but that aside, my online life is all my own. In our home there is a very sharp and clear distinction between Reality and Online.

Once Again;
I do not use ANY form of IM.

I'll update this Bio as 'Important Things' come up that should logically go here and bits and pieces I feel should be added, otherwise, I'm a fairly active blogger and maintain one here and others, please have a look and if you want to get to know me better it's a good place to start. :)
I also maintain a blog on SSP where I also house my works.

Thanks for your time and interest in reading this!!


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